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Signs a New Dryer Is Needed

The clothes dryer is an appliance that has revolutionized how we do laundry. It has saved us from going out in all elements and laboriously hanging clothes on a clothesline. However, dryers are not built to last forever. Know the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your dryer.

Your Clothes Are No Longer Drying Completely

When your clothes are not drying completely after running your dryer for multiple cycles, it’s time to consider replacing it. But there are a few things to check first.

Always make sure that the lint trap is cleaned before every load. When it’s clogged, the airflow is reduced, and it takes longer for the clothes to dry. Other things could affect airflow, such as a kinked hose. It’s also possible that an appliance repair professional may be able to fix the heating element or whatever else ails the appliance. However, if all of these problems have been rectified and you still must run your dryer for multiple cycles before your clothes are completely dry, it is time to replace your dryer.

Your Dryer Makes Lots of Noise

When you run your dryer, you should not hear any noise other than the motor’s hum and your clothes moving around inside. If your dryer begins squealing, rattling, or banging while running, you need to call an appliance repair professional. Much of the time, your blower wheel may need to be replaced as the blades may have gotten bent. If repairs do not fix the problem, then a new dryer is a must.

Wiring Is Exposed

It’s a good idea to have your dryer inspected regularly. During the inspection, the appliance repair technician will unplug the dryer, remove the back panel and check for exposed wiring. If the technician spots wires that are losing their plastic coding, they will recommend getting a new dryer immediately. Exposed wiring is a recipe for disaster because this can cause a house fire. Re-wiring a drying is usually more expensive than replacing the whole machine.

Your Dryer Is Older Than a Decade

The average clothes dryer is made to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If your dryer is older than this, you would probably benefit from a new one. Newer dryers are more energy efficient and thus will save you significant money on utility costs. Not to mention, older dryers are prone to problems anyhow.

Replacing your dryer may seem like a costly investment. However, it is worth it, especially if your current dryer has problems that can cause safety issues. If you reside in Tempe, AZ and you need washer and dryer repair or replacement, contact Beyer Appliance Service Inc. We will give you the guidance you need for choosing the best model to fit your needs.